Fiberglass horse sculptures

Fiberglass horse sculptures decorated by local artists & distributed in popular locations in the San Diego Area.

Looking for art in all the wrong spaces…

Sometimes, I feel like I have not seen any real art in a long time. I’m looking one walls, in gardens public courtyards. But wait. There is real art everywhere. These are things that seem almost more like accidental art than art that was planned. Feel free to replay with examples of found art.

This photo was taken on a cold winter night in , we were walking around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights and this tree, since we are in Southern California, still had some leaves. They were yellows and they seemed to glow in person but in the photo, wow, they really glowed from the the flash. It’s like this tree had it’s own light display.


It’s been a long long time.

My poor neglected blog is almost as unused and dusty as my poor neglected art desk.  So, I’ve chosen 3 abandoned works in progress to work on over this week.  I’m posting the images as they are now and as the week goes by I hope to add more progress shots.  Please feel free to comment.


Work in progress

This painting is based off a photo of ducklings at the edge of a lake that my husband took for me.  He knows how much I love animals. At least he better know,  we’ve been married 26 years.


Rough draft never enough guitars

And this is a piece I started for my husband who as you might have deduced,  plays guitar.